Sundarban Package Tour From Kolkata

1. What is Sundarban?

In short Sundarban is mainly a Mangrove Forest and the natural shelter of the most ferocious Royal Bengal Tiger in the Universe. The total area of Sundarban is 9630sq Kms out of which Mangrove Forest is of 4263 Sq Kms, Reserve Forest is of 2585 Sq Kms, Land area is of 1600 Sq Kms, Water body is of 985 Sq Kms and core area is of 1330.12 Sq Kms. There are 102 islands out of which 54 islands are of human habitat and 48 islands are of wild habitat. Its quiet scenic natural beauty attracts many travelers from different corner of the World.

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2. How to Reach Sundarban?

From Kolkata to Canning by Car / Local Train. Then to Sonakhali or Godkhali by Auto, Bus, Magic Car. Mainly these Canning, Sonakhali and Godkhali are the boarding points of Sundarban Mangrove Forest Tour.


Where to stay in Sundarban?

Tourists can stay in different Hotel, Cottage and resort available in Pakhirala, Dayapur, Dulki, Jatirampur, Bali etc but they need to book it before their journey. If you want you can also stay in boat and lonch after consulting with tour operator and travels office or boat and lonch owner. For family group hotel and resort is the best.


How to Travel Sundarban?

Basically it is waterways so either Lonch or Boat is the only way to travel through Sundarban Mangrove forest.

Sundarban Sonakhali Lonch Ghat

How much cost for Sundarban Trip?

Cost depends on different factors such as your pick and drop point, type of meals and tiffins, type of your stay, type of routes and number of tourists and duration of tour etc. In this regard you need to talk with travel offices and tour operator.


What Type of Food Available in Sundarban?

Veg and non veg all types of food is available as per your choice but you need to talk with booking office staffs or operator.


What Spots are There In Sundarban National Park?

Mainly tourists are allowed in the following spots where tourist can visit physically are Sajinakhali Tiger Reserve, Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reserve, Do Banki Tiger Reserve, Hamilton Bunglow, Beacon Bunglow, Pakhirala, Bagna Forest, Jhingekhali Forest, Burirdabri, Harikhali, Netidhopani Tiger Reserve, Jharkhali Tiger Rescue Center, Bonnie Camp, Kalas Camp, Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project, Chituri Forest, Kultali Forest etc.

Sudhanyakhali Sundarban Special Tour Package

What To Do In Sundarban?

Mainly we need to “Save Sundarban As It Saves mankind” We need to keep it clean and healthy. Also need to maintain forest guideline and enjoy the beauty of the World heritage Site also let others enjoy the same. Its unique natural beauty and wild life must make you feel the heavenly pleasure so do enjoy nature.

Sundarban Boat for Tour

How Many Ways Are There To Reach Sundarban?

From Kolkata to Canning by Car / Local Train

From Kolkata to Sonakhali direct by Car else by car from Canning to Sonakhali.

From Kolkata to Godkhali direct by Car else by car from Canning to Sonakhali.

These are the best possible ways to reach Sundarban National Park.


Which Are The Most Important Places for Wildlife May Be Found?

It is really difficult to mention because Sundarban is a natural forest here no animals are kept in cage. Entire Mangrove Forest is their habitat. But still there are a few sites where we can expect wildlife like Peerkhali, Dobanki, Gazikhali, Chora Gazikhali, Deul Varani, No Banki, Nitai River, Bonnie Camp and Chulkati Canal beside Kalas Camp. All these are expectations because maximum siting was there mentioned here.


Can We Travel Through Every Island of Sundarban?

Sundarban is consisted of 102 islands out of which 54 islands are of human habitat and 48 islands are of wild habitat. Out of 48 islands around 28 islands are accessible for tourists.


What Safety Measures Do We Need In Sundarban?

It is important to keep in mind whether Life-Jacket is available in Lonch and Boat. Basic medicines like cough and cold, digestive medicine, head-ache, fever etc to be kept by tourists. And a pocket torch light, winter garments etc. Another important is boarding and unboarding from lonch and boat and you must be careful about it. Always be seated on chair or cot.

Dobanki Camp Sundarban Special Package Trip Tour

What Restrictions Are There In Sundarban?

1. Must Carry Authentic Id Proof Like Aadhaar Card, Voter Id, Pan, Passport, Driving License For (Domestic Travellers)andPassport & Visa For (International Travellers)
2. Don’t Carry any Plastic, Thermocol And Any Other Polluting Items and non-biodegradable items along with you.
3. Don’t throw any articles / things before animals and into the river water and jungle.

4. Wine and any type of drug addiction is strictly restricted during the entire boat/lonch journey through forest area.
5. Always keep silence and cooperate with Concerned Govt. Dept.

6. Don’t do such a thing which may violate peace, harmony, forest rules and regulations and may cause disturbance to anybody.

7. Always maintain Covid-19 Protocol as per Govt. Notification.

Sundarban Canopy Walk

How To Book a Sundarban Package Tour?

While booking your trip you need to be very careful. Mainly there should be a signed contract form of the Travel Agency where all the tour itenary should be mentioned daywise.


Where Are The Most And Best Sundarban Travels Offices ?

Canning is the Gateway of Sundarban because from there the first tour started in 1987 and since then it is going on. Canning Railway Market is considered as the most and best travel offices only because of their experience in this service.

Sajinakhali Sundarban Special Package Trip Tour

What Other Names Sundarban Is Known As?

Sundarban is known as (a) Largest Mangrove Forest. (b) Largest Delta. (3) Land of Kingfisher. (4) World Heritage Site

Sundarban Fishing Boat

What Animals Can We Find In Sundarban?

We can find here Deer, Crocodile, Monkey, Monitor Lizard, Tiger, Wild Pig, Dolphin, Susuk, Migrant Birds, Kingfisher etc.

Royal Bengal Tiger

What About The First Journey of Sundarban Tour?

It was around 1987 when the First Sundarban Tour was organised by Mr. Pradip Ghosh (Gol Kuthi, Canning Puratan Lonch Ghat) and the first Lonch carried tourists is “MV Joy Baba Satyapeer”

Sundarban Travelling Boat

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