Explore the Magic of Durga Puja with a Puja Special Tour

Durga Puja, the grand festival we celebrate with immense enthusiasm in West Bengal, is not just a religious event but a cultural extravaganza that showcases the artistic and creative essence of the Bengali community. Every year, millions of people flock to Kolkata and other parts of the state to witness the grandeur of the Durga Puja festivities. In this Puja Special Tour blog post, we will take you on a journey to explore the magic of Durga Puja and how you can plan a memorable Puja Special Tour to be a part of this spectacular celebration. Durga Puja is a significant Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. During this time, elaborate decoration of idols of Goddess Durga we worship in beautifully crafted temporary structures known as ‘pandals.’ These pandals are a visual delight, featuring intricate designs and themes that change every year.

Puja Special Tour

Maa Durga Puja Special Tour Package Trip

Truely Puja Special Tour Package we start for traveller’s special demand. Mainly tourists who want to enjoy rural traditional Durga Puja, it is for them. But now-a-days almost everyone wants to enjoy the rural Durga Puja. Even we arrange “Anjali” offering at Durga Puja Pandel. Another important is rural village nature like blue sky, golden paddy field, kash flower, bird’s chirping, winding muddy way, ducks floating in water etc. Beside they travel sundarban Mangrove forest. In conclusion tourists get forest, village nature and puja pandel visit at night along with fooding and lodging as per demand.


Obviously Enjoy Sundarban in Daytime and also enjoy rural Traditional Puja pandels at evening by tourist boat and rural paddled van through rural winding muddy way enjoying a beautiful rural quiet, calm and serine nature full of golden corn fielf, kash flowers, huts, domestic animals, chirping birds, ducks floating in canals, lotus blooming in ponds, red Sun setting behind horizon and mingle with rural culture, fair and myth. New feeling, new ecstasy, new charm and new thrills that you have never enjoyed and many more waiting for you with this trip.

Sundarban Ducks puja

Puja Festival Tour

Pick & Drop Point

Pick & Drop (1)


Sealdah Railway Station approximate 8 AM

(Via Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Baruipur – Canning Rd and SH 3 to Basanti Main Rd in Basanti) around 74 Km



Pick & Drop (2)


Via Science City (8 AM) & Drop is around at approx 5/6 PM

(Science City – Rajpur Sonarpur – Baruipur – Canning – Basanti) around 70 Km

Cost & Duration

It is a 2 nights 3 days Sundarban Puja Festival package tour any 3 days from 20/10/2023  to 26/10/2023.  The most enjoyable Tour cum dussera festival of sundarban. The journey starts sharp at 8 am from pick point.


From Kolkata to Kolkata (Non AC Car) it costs around Rs.4800/- per head including Non Ac Hotel Stay and 5 Meals, 5 Tiffins and 2 Time Pass Tiffins with tea/coffee.


From Kolkata to Kolkata (Non-Ac Car) it costs around Rs.5800/- per head including Ac Hotel Stay and 5 Meals, 5 Tiffins and 2 Time Pass Tiffins with tea/coffee.

Spots : Hamilton Bunglow * Pakhirala Bird Island * Pakhirala Village * Sajinakhali Tiger Reserve * Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reserve * Dobanki Tiger Reserve










Day 1

Breakfast to be served on the way to Basanti with a single 500 ml water bottle.


Boat journey starts around 11.30 – 12 Noon from Sonakhali with welcome drink and Tea/ Coffee.


Before lunch there is a Time Pass tiffin


Lunch is consisted of rice, veg fry, daal, vegetable curry, Katla Fish, Vetki Fish, chatni, papar.


Check in Hotel at around 5PM


In the evening there is either chicken pakora or veg pakora or masala muri etc. with tea/coffee.


Before dinner Local Folk Paeformance in hotel campus.


Dinner is consisted of rice, veg fry, daal, Mutton, chatni, papar.

Day 2

Bed Tea in the morning with biscuits.


Boat journey starts around 7.30 in the morning.


Breakfast is at 8.30 am with Luchi, Alurdom, sweet and boiled egg, tea/coffe.


Before lunch there is a Time Pass tiffin.


Lunch is consisted of rice, veg fry, daal, vegetable curry, Bhangan Fish or Datne Fish, Prawn Malaikari, chatni, papar.


Spots to be visited are Sajinakhali Tiger Reserve, Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reserve, Bonbibi Varani, Sundarkhali, Peerkhali, Gazikhali, Choragazikhali, Dobanki Tiger Reserve and Panchamukhi. (As per weather route may be changed)


In the evening Chicken Kawab & Salad with tea/coffee.


Dinner is consisted of Friedrice, Beguni, Chillichicken, chatni and papar.

Day 3

Bed Tea in the morning with biscuits.


Check out from Hotel at 8.30 Am


Breakfast is at 8.30 am with Radhaballavi, Chholar Daal, sweet and boiled egg with tea/coffe.


Lunch is consisted of Friedrice, Beguni, Prawn Malaikari, Chillichicken, chatni, papar.


Drop Sonakhali at 2 PM then back to Drop Point.

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